Lawn Programs Outlined
Douglas County
Carroll County
Paulding County
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Our Warm Season Turf program includes:

*1 Pre-emergent application
*3 Post-emergent weed applications
*5 Fertilizer applications
*2 Insecticide applications
*Fire Ant Bait control applied as needed

*Microbial & Bio-Stimulant products applied
*Broadleaf and Grassy Weed controls

*Service Calls are Free
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(heavy infestations will be an additional cost)
These turf types are very finicky when it comes to lawn care treatments. Wynn's is one of the few companies who will treat Centipede and
St. Augustine lawns because they are so tempermental.

As with our other lawn programs, Centipede and
St. Augustine lawns are priced according to the square footage of the turf with our smallest lawns starting at $48.95 per application.

This lawn program has 5 applications per year and applications are approximately 6-9 weeks apart.

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(Hand can used for difficult weeds)
(with the with the 5 application program)
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