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Lawn care treatments are dependent on the annual weather for the area. Wynn's Intensive Lawn Care has been in the Douglas County area for over 40 years and is aware of the conditions that adverse weather can have on the local soil. Sometimes, even with best care maintenance, your lawn will develop unsightly lawn issues.
Identification is the key to resolving these problem areas quickly. If the underlying cause is known, then it is easier to decide which treatment will be best for your lawn.

Some of the more common causes include:

*Improper disposal of animal waste
*Improper application of pesticides
*A PH imbalance
*Fungal infection
*Over-watering or inadequate soil aeration
*Over-feeding or improper feeding

Focused lawn care is just as crucial during periods of heavy rain as it is during drought. Some property owners think a rainy day means a break from lawn care, but that is often not the case. Rainy weather can bring:

*Storm water runoff and erosion
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