Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care
Plant Health Care is the most important part of any tree maintenance plan. It is also the most frequently overlooked. Most tree health problems are a result of a past environmental stress. Poor soil, drought, improper planting techniques, construction damage, and soil compaction all negatively affect trees and shrubs. When a tree endures stress, its natural defense system is weakened. Stressed trees are the preferred targets of insects and disease. Our ornamental tree and shrub specialist plays an important role in disease prevention by providing trees and shrubs with stress-reducing nourishment.
Trees are assets and when they are well maintained, their value increases over the years. Our ornamental tree and shrub program is divided into 2 categories: the fertilization of the plants and the weed control of the bedding areas.
Douglas County
Carroll County
Paulding County
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Ornamental Tree & Shrub Programs
*3 Fertilizer applications
*3 Insecticide applications
*1 root stimulant
Tree & Shrub
4 applications per year
Bedding Weed Control
3 applications per year
*2 PreEmergent applications
*3 PostEmergent applications
*1 root stimulant
Our Ornamental Tree and Shrub program is priced according to the square footage and size of the tree for product uptake by the plant. There are 4 applications during the year.

The Bedding Weed Control is priced according to the square footage of the bedding area. There are 3 applications during the year.

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