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Mow'n Promotes Grow'n

By Cody Wynn

Well it’s that time of year again. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and pollen is uniting us all as allergy sufferers. So the last thing anyone wants to do is pull out the ole mower and really start testing our sinuses. Fortunately the pollen is temporary but the mistakes of improper mowing can last all year. Every year we’re asked “Why isn’t my lawn greening up yet?” or “Why aren’t these weeds dying?” We’ll typically follow a certain checklist of questions with mowing being the first thing we’ll ask. Surprisingly some customers do not understand the importance. This time of year Bermuda and Zoysia grasses are starting to wake back up. The old 2018 grass blades are standing up brown and lifeless. The best thing you can do is begin cutting the lifeless brown skeletal remains off and out of the way of your 2019 grass. The older grass acts as a shade. It prevents the sunlight from warming the soil temperatures up to the desired level to begin growing green again. Also much like a dying branch on a tree or shrub it can pull much needed nutrients away from the other parts of the plant that needs it more. Weeds can also thrive when the lawn isn’t properly mowed. Despite efforts with herbicides, if left uncut the weeds can simply fight through our efforts. We use systemic herbicides that kills or suppresses the entire weed. Mowing helps to stress the weed out but also trans-locates the herbicide into the root system. We are only 50% of the solution to a better and healthier lawn. It takes a partnership between you and Wynn’s. We all have our great loves in life. Some may have family, sports, religion, cars, hair, or even that triple chocolate brownie. I’m just asking that grass makes it a little higher on your list this year.