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Fall Rescue

By Cody Wynn

It’s almost that time of year again. We will begin scheduling Core Aeration and re-seeding in the weeks to come. We typically will start aerating Fescue Lawns in mid September through Mid October depending on Mother Nature. Fescue is a Cool Season grass. It does not like Warmer weather. Heat , Humidity and the Lack of rainfall can wreak havoc on a fescue lawn. Its still a great option for a back yard that’s to shady for the more popular Warm Season Grasses like Bermuda. I’m huge fan of rescue simply because i cant afford to sod my entire lawn. The green fescue lawn really can make other dormant grasses look boring during the spring especially once flowers start to bloom. BUt..yeah there’s a but. By summer the switch is reversed and those dormant Bermuda grasses are green and thriving and your once Augusta Golf Course Lawn is left thin at best.
We are always upfront about Fescue Lawns in the West Georgia Area. The last thing we want is for Hard Working People to feel taken advantage of. I re-seed mine yearly as recommended and have accepted how my full sun south sloped lawn will look during the summer. I still enjoy the fact that my Fescue is green and growing longer than any other turf type in this area. From October through about July I can enjoy an acceptable turf. Nothing smells sweeter or stripes cleaner than Fescue in the spring. Only thing I wish i could fix is how green my shoes are after I mow.