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Our New Payment Portal

By Cody Wynn

Times are changing and paper is becoming less desirable. It piles up on every table we have and we continuously try to keep our paper mountains perfectly balanced so it doesn’t fall. We began feeling old fashioned when some customers would call inquiring about an online portal like the other service providers. So after we had a group meeting and hours of deliberating we decided to launch the CAW. This will allow online Bill pay, Invoice Previewing, Payment Installments and the option to request more information on other services we provide. We will still welcome the traditional payments through our postal carriers.
We understand that the daily trip to the post office can be an escape from your spouse or children. It can be just the perfect amount of time to sing your favorite song in the comfort of your sound proof box. We get it. This is just another avenue to help simplify for those with chaotic lives. I’ve got 5 boys, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a wife whom keeps my family glued together. Chaos is the very definition of my life. So I always appreciate even the little things like an auto bill pay or the ability to literally throw everything that comes in the mailbox straight into the trash. You’ll receive the simple instructions with your prepay letters this fall. I promise its simple. We went with the easiest portal login possible without losing the security you can trust. Call us anytime if you ever have questions or suggestions on how Wynn’s can make things easier.

Prepay Letters

Prepay letters will be going out in the months to come. These will show a breakdown of your treatment plans. It’ll also include a 3%- 5% discount if paid in full. This Discount is on top of any other Teacher, Military ,Senior, Police, Fire Fighter, Doctor or Nurse discounts you may have already. Also, just because its on the letter doesn’t mean you have to prepay for it. For example if you don’t want to prepay for the mosquito control just call and we can send a revised letter. By prepaying you have entrusted us to provide that service. Core aeration for example is a service that prepaid customers will get routed first. So if interested in any treatments we offer and don’t want to worry about them try prepaying next year and let us worry for you.