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Frequently Asked Questions

We know it’s important to be as well informed as possible when deciding how to best tend to your lawn. We’ve made the research phase of your project simple with our list of frequently asked questions!
Can My Lawn Be Treated When There Are Leaves On The Ground?

Yes, if the leaves are mulched into the turf, OR, if a good, soaking rain is scheduled for the weather forecast. However, it is more desirable to have the leaves raked up.

How long do we need to stay off of the lawn after a treatment?

As a precaution, we recommend staying off of the lawn for 24 hours. However, most of the chemicals that we use recommend staying off of the lawn until the treatment has dried, which usually takes only 30 minutes to an hour. All of the chemicals we use are deemed safe for residential use by the EPA. Staying off of the lawn after a treatment is only a precaution in case children or pets have a particular allergy.

How long will it take to get my lawn in shape?

Your lawn condition at the beginning of our lawn treatment program will determine the outcome. Most lawns will take 12-18 months of continued service to become a healthy lawn. It may take a long amount of time to break the perennial cycle of some problem weeds.

How much do you charge to mow and trim my lawn?

Wynn’s only provides service for weed control, fertilization, aeration and some insect control.... no mowing or trimming services are provided. Contact us for a FREE estimate on your next project.

How often do you treat my lawn with a full-service program?

We båegin most of our full service lawn care treatment programs in January, and we provide 7 applications during the year for these full service treatments. Our treatments occur approximately 5-7 weeks apart, with the 7th application being completed between mid-November and the first of December.

I have been on your lawn program for over a year now, and I am still seeing some weeds. Why is this?

Some weeds in lawns are what we call “problem” weeds. Pre-emergent cannot prevent them from coming up and once they have emerged, they are difficult to eradicate. Your turf type determines what product can be used (or if any product can be used) to help eliminate these problem weeds without harming your established lawn. Regular mowing habits will help to keep the weeds from germinating and spreading.

If we are on a full service program, should we apply additional fertilizer or weed control ourselves?

No! There is no need to apply additional turf treatments. As a full service customer, we apply the recommended rates of fertilizer throughout the year. If weeds become problematic between rounds, please give us a call and a technician will come out as soon as possible.

My lawn is brown after I mowed it. What do I do now?

When grass is tall (over 2”) and then mowed, the grass can become brown. This happens because the green grass blade has been cut off by the lawn mower, leaving only the stem. Let the lawn “rest” for 2-3 days and it will start to “green up” again as the grass blades start to grow.

My warm season lawn has some sparse spots. Should I over-seed it?

No. Generally, we only recommend over-seeding Fescue lawns. Warm season turf, such as Bermuda or Zoysia, will have “runners”, so it is able to spread and thicken up naturally with time. Our fertilization program will promote this process. If your lawn is thinning or sparse, it may be due to shade conditions or poor soil. Contact us, and one of our specialists will advise you on what steps can be taken to help with the bare areas.

Why do other companies charge less for their lawn care treatments?

Our lawn programs use only quality products and are designed specifically for YOUR lawn type, as opposed to another company’s program, in which products may be designed with a generic blend for the region. On each visit, we evaluate the weather and soil conditions for your lawn and make adjustments to our mix accordingly to give the most benefits to the turf. Wynn’s comes to your property and physically measures the square footage for accuracy and checks the conditions of your lawn. We do not use a satellite view to quote a price.